Traditional or hand painted signwriting offers a unique way of creating signs.


We are one of few companies with the experience and knowledge to still produce high quality painted lettering and gold leaf signs. We use traditional methods and materials, such as signwriting enamels and genuine 23 carat gold leaf.


Many different situations call for this, such as listed buildings, honours boards, restorations, antique signs, vintage vehicles etc..


We offer a full service from design to on site signwriting and gilding service. With over 30 years experience we have the confidence to deal with any requirements.





We offer a full restoration & maintenance service for all types of signs and gilding.


Some vintage signage is actually valuable and represents a specific piece of history or cultural significance. If you are in possession of a piece that has definitive value, contact us about vintage sign restoration. No matter if you are the original owner or you dug it up at an antique sale, we will make sure it’s restored to its former glory in a way that preserves its authenticity and accentuates its originality.


No two signs are the same in the care and attention they need to be restored. When you choose us to refurbish your vintage, antique or damaged signage, trust that we will apply a specialized approach that ensures a total and complete restoration of the highest calibre.


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